Payment System

thinkschool application features

Thinkschool App Features

Payment System Update

We have updated the payment system for thinkschool app to accommodate the set backs of proper accounting of inflows.

We have notice the parents and school have not synergy of school fees and other bill to be pay in proper details. So schools cant get proper details of students name and what they paid.

This new update has the following features

  • Virtual Account management : The application will automatically open live accounts for each students
  • Bills auto collects : School accountant can initiate deductions of school bills from a comfort zone.
  • E-wallet : Students will have e-wallets , so parents will and can fund the wallet from any mode of payment. (bank transfer , POS , Atm etc)

So hence parents pay all their bills into the student wallet and the school initiate payment from the school application. This will curb the following

  • Identify who paid exactly
  • Better control of payments
  • Instant account reports
  • And more.