Sample Websites

Our Portofio on Web Sesign

In business to satisfy a customer on every website starts with a basic knowledge of web design and a hand tool skill of a web designer. This is a type of profession for most people to be a skill that is filled with vision of different elements. Its also encompasses the ability to think like your client and be able to put down in design what they want. Web design needs for the tool maker to be very creative and knowledgeable in a wide spectrum to deliver very responsive websites to clients

We at Deepflux Innovative Limited have a very detailed experience that we build over the years and we are sure to implement for you the best in quality serve that is required.

We are tied to the following skills

  • eCommerce
  • Payment integration
  • Basic websites
  • eCommerce mobile application integration

School Websites

Our Web designs identifies the goals of a website or webpage and promotes accessibility for all potential customers. 

Our role for you is as follows

  • Selecting easy-to-read fonts

  • Choosing attractive color schemes that also enable easy-to-read fonts

  • Implementing a brand’s identity into the colors, fonts and layout

  • Creating a map of the website’s structure to ensure intuitive navigation

  • Placing images, logos, text, videos, 

  • Making optimized versions of websites and pages both for desktop and mobile viewing