Thinkschool apps is your one-stop shop for online school results for Nigerian schools. We are building a bespoke online repository of school academic results, backed up with the finest applications school administrators can ask for to manage students’ results on the web. For the parents and students, your “results” are a click away!

Ours is a country desperately in need of authentic historic information. Organizations; schools, employers, governments, civil society groups and even international bodies are starved of historic data with accuracy and integrity to make informed responsible decisions. We have positioned to bridge this draconian gap in the educational sector by providing a platform for schools to upload and manage their academic results and allow students, parents and guardians, secure access to check the results from the comfort of their homes or anywhere else; at any time….on the web!

Thinkschool apps have taken a deft move to bring together; as many schools and students as are twenty-first century complaint, to build a pull of results of students’ academic performances such that there will be, at any point in time, a history of students’ performance; albeit one with integrity.

We are building a pool for future reference, a data centre from which today’s pupils will be assessed when they become leaders of our society. thinkschool apps is a platform that will help in clarifying results that are in doubt.

The portal provides a platform for parents to keep track of their children’s academic performances. With THINKSCHOOL APPS, a parent can review, in retrospect, the performances of his/her child as he/she develops and go from one class or school to another. This will help the parents attach value to growth and performance between one school and the other.For students in the secondary schools and tertiary institutions, they now have full access to their results and transcripts on the go.



Thinkschool apps is a web based solution which provides school administrators with all the tools they require to manage and disseminate results to students, parents and other stakeholders in a more efficient and technology compliant way.


The costs that go into stationeries related to result publications and delivery is enormous. Considering the cost of one branded result sheet; a branded envelope; and multiplying these by the number of students; coupled with ink consumption, staff time, wear and tear of the equipments used, etc. These are all the costs saved.


The teachers will no longer be consumed in the onerous tasks of calculating averages and preparing each individual’s results. thinkschool apps platform supplies the templates, all the teacher has to do is ‘follow the lead’ by filling the spreadsheet as appropriate with the scores of each student in his/her class.


All systemic calculations follow logic and are contextually correct. There are no errors of judgment or miscalculations. All averages are correct and the grades never mixed up. This solution reduces the human error factor to the barest minimum.


Thinkschool apps provides a safe, web based data centre for your school results. Schools can upload historic results for storage and easy future retrieval. The servers are secure and safe, with the capacity to preserve information for as long as necessary.


The school will not only save cost, they will also generate funds while providing a laudable service to students and parents. Selling of pin-cards (scratch cards) is one way the school can generate revenue as no parents would hesitate to pay a token to ensure his/her son/daughter is a beneficiary of this wonderful service.

Secondly, the schools would build a database of historic academic results over time that will become a legitimate reference for gauging students’ performance history. This on its own has enormous economic value and the schools can exploit it.

Schools can also involve corporate sponsors and brand their pin cards and result sheets.